Bella Concrete Countertop Vessel Sink Light Grey Concrete Basin For Bathroom


100% Concrete. Concrete is a porous, natural, breathing substance and it’s 100% recyclable. Modern Styling: Add an ultra-modern touch to any bathroom or bar vanity with this sleek and contemporary concrete sink which offers state-of-the-art. Handmade Concrete: Crafted by hand with our unique formula using only raw sustainable material, sealed by hand with our high-performance…


Being one of the most widely used construction materials in the world, concrete products have been liked and applied in high-end hotels, and public spaces by many designers, and architects for their rustic, minimalist, and industrial nature.
BagnoLusso’s aim is to bring the most eco-friendly, natural, and superior quality concrete products for people to create their bathrooms with unique, rustic, smooth, and modern aesthetics that will last a long time.
Our concrete products are designed, manufactured, and tested above the highest standards in design, quality, durability, and safety. Our concrete products are made of pure high-density concrete materials, quartz, fiber, and additives. No fillers, and no resin, so it is 100% recyclable.
Meanwhile, the surface sealer we use is able to blend into the material so it provides longer protection than nano-surface coating.
Plus, our production technique enables us to make our concrete products without any air pockets that are usually seen on concrete products.
All the above factors result in strong products that are lighter in weight and have superior shock, chip, and stain resistance than standard products made of Portland concrete mixes.

STRONG & SAFE PACKAGING: All our basins are packed in honeycomb cartons with thick soft protection material so it avoids any possible damage from the transportation.

Additional information

Weight30 kg
Dimensions800 × 500 × 200 cm

Light Grey, Dark Grey, Mid Grey, Seafoam, Orange, Matte White, Charcoal


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